As a casual academic at Western Sydney University, I taught 4th year classes within the Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) program. I taught within the unit ’Professional Studio’ where students partake in a real studio environment with briefs, clients and deadlines, and art directed the end of year Graduate Exhibition – Emergent. This project was a finalist in the AGDA Awards in 2016.

Creative Director: Jennifer Noorbergen
Lead designers: Alena Tsarkova, Michaela Parry, Blake Morris
Team: Anneke Jasinski, Kathleen Ballardin, Lylia Pereira-Ishak, Sam Davis, Oliver York, Amy Roche, Tatjiana Leung Kei-Weilche, Jacqueline Parkes, Madelaine Veronese.

ADB-2016STUDENT-M020221-00001280-1471404119 ADB-2016STUDENT-M020221-00001280-1471403918 ADB-2016STUDENT-M020221-00001280-1471403960