As part of COMMUNE‘s engagement program, the COMMUNE roller door brings the local community together with our members and local creatives for a day of live art, music and a beer with a neighbour. Over the last few years, I have curated different artists to collaborate on a live art piece on the roller door and celebrated local musicians while inviting the community to take a look at our coworking space.

Featuring local artists Scotty Marsh, Thomas Jackson, Lotte Smith, Styna, Joel Cameron, Jesse Wright, Kuroi, Rebecca Enya, Stuart McNaught, Dale Bigeni and Sophi Odling.

40840072_1862151137206593_1999597439983550464_o 21740950_1477393405682370_2117805089393470378_o (2) 27748200_1617484868339889_4423245625067422951_o 33579895_1717190001702708_4375365458828722176_o 18451485_1363880243700354_32154891503245531_o 16422926_1256857647735948_6673162769304156190_o (1) 40784890_1862152340539806_4317691469746929664_o 40828186_1862153760539664_1757158703766700032_o 40694580_1862153683873005_3267290319099527168_o 27797912_1617507405004302_6942807882672493360_o 27913406_1617471405007902_7276267757366949750_o (2)