All or Nothing was collaboratively put together as our Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) Graduation Exhibition 2013. After 4 years of studying and experimenting with design, we are emerging as curious and engaged designers, taking risks and venturing into our creative futures. Like horses running free, birds taking flight and astronauts venturing into uncharted territories, we are breaking through the compass of conventions and expectations. As part of the branding team in the Rabbit Hole studio, I designed the final brandmark, created web promotional banners and designed the official catalogue for the event.

Student-Invite-3AON PosterStamp Formal-Invite-4 HOME PAGE aon newspaper cover rabbit hole cover page live brief - change by design live brief - grad show Honours students1 professional opening profiles landscape aon back cover


Illustration: Jerald Luya
Final Brandmark: Jennifer Noorbergen
Branding Team: Isabel Hermosisima, Jerald Luya, Jennifer Noorbergen, Sarah Suttle, Trixie Tejero
Catalogue Design: Jennifer Noorbergen
Catalogue Production: Jennifer Noorbergen, Sarah Suttle