Jennifer Noorbergen
Design novus luminosus 

Otherwise known as
Jen, Norby, Nerdbergen

Amongst myths of her drama performances at school assemblies and her killer karaoke skills, Jennifer was first spotted by the creative world through her obsessive photo editing.

You will know Jennifer by her pastel hair, bright yellow car and crazy nail art. She is often seen wearing mis-matched patterns or puppy t-shirts which often evokes “I could never wear anything like that, but you look nice” from surrounding specimens.

Her original habitat is the cool climates of Blue Mountains, but she has recently migrated to the warmer climate of the Inner West, probably to be closer to more creative adventures. Or more likely due to it’s brunching appeal.

Jennifer has a constant hunger for music design and a lingering appetite for publications. She has a sweet tooth for photography and when no-one is looking, she can be known to snack on some tasty typography.

When she isn’t daydreaming about her travels or geeking out over music, she revels in producing beautiful and thoughtful creative solutions across a range of diverse projects. Her innate love of her environment and studies in ethical design classify her as a socially conscious designer.

Distinguishing features
Her nerdy and hardworking demeanour has landed her with an AGDA Award, a University Academic Scholarship, a place on the AGideas interstate committee, an Art Director position for a student magazine, the Student of the Year Award at her graduation exhibition, a Dean’s Medal and 6 years of graphic design employment.

For more sightings
You can track down the “Jennifer Noorbergen” through the contact page and drop her a line to catch.